Loft Living

Loft living can be an exciting design opportunity: soaring ceilings, open floor plan, and a lot of space. But, many can also find it daunting. So much space and no clue where to put everything. And, how do you deal with all of that wall space? Well, there are a few tips and tricks that can help.

Floor plan

For your floor plan, the key is to carve out zones: a living room zone, a dining room zone, a bedroom zone, an office zone, etc. By doing this you are visually defining rooms even though there are no walls. But, you still want to make sure the flow from zone to zone works well. So, imagine you are creating hallways from one zone to another in order to keep a smooth flow and to maintain that open and airy loft feel.


When it comes to artwork, large scale is great as it covers a lot of wall space. But, just because the ceilings are tall does not mean you should hang your art especially high to fill up the height of the space. You still want to be able to enjoy the art at eye-level. So, just as you would hang art in a non-loft space, you will do the same in a loft space. Hang your art so that the center of the piece is at eye-level.

Given the walls are so high, it is nice to be able to visually fill those up so, instead of some smaller pieces over your sofa, for instance, you can really go large! While filling the height of the space with art is fine, just make sure that it starts at eye-level and pulls your eye up in to the height of the space as opposed to having to crane your neck just to see a singular piece of art.


For furniture, you definitely have the opportunity to use larger scale pieces. Without the constraints of walls, you can go BIG! Longer sofas or large sectionals often fit nicely in loft homes. However, you still want to make sure that all of your pieces are proportional to one another. So, for instance, be careful not to have a huge sofa and then a little bistro table for an adjacent dining area. Each zone needs to balance well with the other zones.

And, just because the space is large, doesn’t mean you have to have large scale furnishings. Keeping your furniture in a scale similar to that of a non-loft space will help to lend a warm and cozy feeling.

If you follow these few tips and tricks, your loft space should still feel warm and welcoming instead of feeling cold and uninviting.

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