Do You Have a Black Thumb?

I do! Yep, I might even have two black thumbs!

Despite some of my best efforts, I am not so nurturing in the plant department. But, lucky me—succulents, air plants, bromeliads and cacti are hot hot hot for interior décor and super easy to care for (or, maybe better put, they are hard to kill!). And, even better, they are great for outdoor living spaces, too.

We love using them for our installations. In general, plants help to warm up a space. And part of the fun is finding unique vessels for planting. Here are some installation pics where we have used these hearty plants. Enjoy!

monterey LR plants.jpg
dr with plants.jpg
My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.
— Mitch Hedberg
green dr plant.jpg
arguello desk plant.jpg
urban farmhouse dr plant.jpg
urban farmhouse plants.jpg
26th ave kitchette.jpg

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